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Here at Zen Dog, my secret is in the name.

I believe that true happiness lies in the heart of the dog and your dog is the heart of your life. And a heart always needs to be in the best health and wellbeing. I consider our future with regard to training, development, wellbeing, and relaxation and your dog is no different. Perfecting that unity is what we commonly refer to as Zen and this is what I believe your best friend deserves. So if you want your favourite family member to be kept in top condition, to live for longer, to be pampered and cherished, to be well mannered and behaved, I can help. If you need to give your dog a new radiance or you need detailed training program then get in touch with me and let me provide with a range of my services provided by me accredited dog therapist and trainer.

Give your dog the kind of life that we all deserve and desire. That is truly Zen!

And always remember, happiness is in the heart of the dog!

A Special Level of Care

I offer dog training for dogs of all ages, but mostly I am focusing on shelter dogs.

You can also book canine physiotherapy for your pooch. This can be done as a pampering session or for health reasons.

Aminal communication is for those who would like to know what their animal has to say. This is a distance only offer.

I cover Hull and surroundings and up to 15 miles there is not a travelling charge. If you are living outside this area please get in touch to get a personalized quote. 

If you are interested in any of those services please check the relevant page.

Canine Physiotherapy

 A powerful tool to help improve your dog's health and wellbeing. This is a mixture of Merishia massage, body positioning, light therapy and reflexology.

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Animal Communication

Did you wonder what your animal thinks? Did you wonder if she/he is happy? What about guilty when they pass away?

Stop guessing, use and animal communication service.


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Dog Training

Puppy? Rescue? Adult?

All sizes. All shapes.All ages.

There is no bad time for training, but remember to start early.

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"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.

And none one of them are wrong"



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